EdelGive Foundation is the strategic philanthropic arm of Edelweiss Financial Services and its aim is to leverage the capacity and capital of the for-profit world to equip and enable the social sector achieve the greatest impact on the lives of the poor in India.
We offer both financial and capacity building support to Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) by working closely with them to help them overcome organisational development challenges and create stronger and more sustainable organisations in the social sector. Advice and high quality engagement on key organisational and managerial issues forms the fulcrum of our work.

Our Numbers Till Date:
  • Our efforts have impacted more than 1,80,000 lives
  • We have financially supported over 40 non-profits across India
  • We have committed funds about INR 25 crores
  • Over 8,500 hours of pro-bono support has been provided by Edelweiss employees
  • Over 1,700 Edelweiss employees have engaged with nonprofits through various volunteering programmes and financial contributions.

To learn more about EdelGive and the NPOs it supports, please visit www.edelgive.org
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