Timely availability of credit is an integral ingredient for the rapid growth of a business. Edelweiss Trade Financing provides credit solutions to large corporates, dealers, vendors and channel partners.
It is our endeavor to be a financing partner in the true sense, so that our clients can focus on their business needs while we cater to their financing requirements.

SME Finance converts receivables into instant cash, improving liquidity, and thereby resulting in the healthy and continuous cash flow vital for businesses to run smoothly. With this product, dealers are able to leverage their relationships with reputed companies in sourcing low cost funds. Funding is based on the credit-worthiness of the client's customers.

Our Trade Financing services come with a range of benefits:
- All the sales practically become cash sales to the seller.
- Money blocked with sundry debtors becomes available for business.
- Financing facility is made available without any charge on assets.
- The seller does not have to invest time and effort in the collection of receivables.
- The client's working capital management becomes efficient, which also reduces their costs and in turn improves the possibility of better profits.

*Conditions Apply. 
**We reserve the right to sanction the financial assistance.

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