Edelweiss' Insurance Broking brings unmatched expertise in Risk Analysis, Assessment and Transfer and a broad spectrum of services from Risk Management to Claim Settlement in Non-Life Insurance.
Edelweiss commenced operations as a Direct Broker, licensed by IRDA in March 2005 and now acting as Composite Broker since May 2016 and with its unique blend of the experience of insurance industry veterans and the enthusiasm of young achievers committed to excel in the field of insurance, it has created a significant niche for itself in the General Insurance Broking space.

Our Insurance brokers are committed to act in the best interests of the client. Analysis and perception of risk is an integral part of their advisory role and helps in fetching favorable pricing and protecting client assets. We at Edelweiss have always provided support services to our clients while upholding and remaining true to our fiduciary duties.

Our Services include:

Risk Management

Risk Management and Insurance Planning services are important for an organization in order to review its risk management strategies and adopt technical risk management measures. Such measures and strategies help organizations manage risk effectively and profitably.

Our Risk Management Services include:
Identification of all major internal and external risks
Reviewing of existing risk control measures
Guidance on Risk Treatment and Improvement
Devising Risk Management Strategy

Risk Monitoring

Once a Risk Management program is in place, reviewing it is a vital component of any business continuity plan. Our Risk Management consultants help in devising the Risk Monitoring processes.

Some of our Risk Monitoring activities are:
Taking corrective action if required
Determining if risks not previously identified have arisen
Evaluating if risk handling methods are effective or new actions need to be planned
Ensuring risk handling actions have been implemented as planned
Determining if the risk level has changed
Periodic reviewing of the risk control measures

Designing Insurance Programs

We create a platform to discuss risks and business strategy and connect them to design a comprehensive insurance program that effectively protects the company. We have established a review process that ensures the insurance program is constantly monitored so that any changes to the business will correlate with the opted coverage.

Our Services include:
Analyzing the client's business processes
Providing advice on the existing coverage vis-a-vis the risks and exposures
Scrutiny of all existing major insurance policies with respect to:
- Rationalization of basic rate of premium and widening of covers
- Applicability / eligibility of discounts in premium
- Application of suitable clauses, warranties and conditions
Identification of possible areas for premium refund and suggestions
Selection of insurance coverage on the basis of risk analysis
Providing guidelines on fixing the sum insured
Evaluation of business interruption exposure due to identified risks
Providing guidelines on documentation requirements, procedures for claims under various policies

Insurance Portfolio Management Services

Our Insurance Portfolio Management Services assist clients with the various insurance policies required by an organization, and the management and maintenance of these policies.

Our Insurance Portfolio Management Services include:
Organizing premium quotations for insurance placement
Analysis of quotes received from insurance companies
Placement of insurance with optimum coverage at the best available price
Administrating insurance portfolio on regular basis
Maintaining systematic records and assurance of timely renewal reminders
Organizing in-house seminars and educating personnel on insurance related matters
Periodically reviewing any additional insurance requirements

Claims Management Services

At Edelweiss we recognize that Claims handling is of paramount importance to our clients and we place the highest emphasis on the Claims services we provide. Our Claims department is carefully recruited, well resourced and forms an integral part of our client servicing team.

Our Claims Management Services include:
Understanding existing processes, philosophies, service needs and challenges in Claims handling
Notification of all Claims and Claim circumstances to the appropriate insurers
Coordination and guidance in submission of all Claims related documents
Coordination of any issues that arise in the settlement of Claim at all stages
Management of complex claims
Consultation and advice on coverage questions prior to Claim notification and issues likely to arise post Claim notification
Assistance in Claim settlement negotiation
Maintaining Claim records
Producing Claim reports and analysis as required
Providing Claims review meetings on regular basis
Creating efficient, effective, and pro-active strategies to reduce Claim costs and mitigate exposures


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