Edelweiss is future-ready. The company has already made proactive business investments to service emerging customer needs on the one hand, and enhance stakeholder value on the other.
Over the years, Edelweiss progressively widened its services basket by moving into adjacent business spaces. Edelweiss was a purely capital market-focused player a few years ago; this business accounts for only about a third of its revenues today. As Edelweiss continues to broad base revenues, a rising proportion of growth will be derived from its Credit, Asset Management, Commodities and Insurance businesses.

Strong and liquid balance sheet:
Edelweiss possessed a balance sheet size at the end of FY 17 of over INR 38,600 crore with a net worth of over INR 5,200 crore. Edelweiss focuses on low gearing that provided the organisation with sufficient headroom to fund growth without compromising its balance sheet integrity. With the significant growth in balance sheet size in the recent years, one focus has been on diversifying the sources of borrowings and adding liabilities matching the tenure of assets.

Risk management:
Edelweiss’ risk mitigation practices are strengthened through timely investments in people, processes and IT capabilities on the one hand, and credible governance practices stewarded by an industry-renowned Board on the other. Edelweiss follows an eight risk framework covering all the aspects of possible risks that the organization faces.

Edelweiss cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship and ownership among its people. The Group continues to invest in developing leadership and managerial talent across the organization through a four-tier system of identifying, nurturing and mentoring leaders. Fountainhead, Edelweiss’ state-of-the-art leadership centre in Alibaug, is among few such centres in the Indian Financial Services industry, promoting among others, a culture of training and development across the group.

Edelweiss has undertaken a significant restructuring of its business to enhance operational efficiencies, dividing the organization into two operational clusters; Wholesale and Retail and building SBU structures based on commonality of client segments/business activities. The company has carried out a visioning exercise with a roll-down across the organization to ensure clear articulation of its growth aspirations.

Execution expertise:
Edelweiss’ focus on error free and timely execution across businesses represent the core of its success. It possesses strong project teams that focus on processes, reviews and deliverables. Whenever necessary, it re-engineers processes and innovates state-of-the-art technology solutions that enhance efficiency.

The Edelweiss brand is a much respected brand enjoying widespread recognition due to consistent investment in diverse set of brand building efforts spanning both conventional and unconventional channels. The ‘Ideas create, values protect’ tagline underlines all branding efforts.

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