Our key priorities are to create educational and livelihood opportunities for under-privileged youth and the empowerment of women.

Focus Areas:
We believe that deepening our sectoral focus will catalyse a transformational change at a larger systemic level. We have prioritized Education, Livelihoods and Women Empowerment as the areas we would like to work on the most and invest in.
  • Education: Our current investments in education reflect the need to move beyond literacy and enrollment to improvements in the public delivery system, particularly with respect to the impact on children’s learning outcomes, competencies and shifts in their attitudes and aspirations.
  • Livelihoods: Under our livelihoods portfolio we focus on models that create a link between education and employability and models that reduce the social and economic vulnerability of rural communities.
The India NGO Awards are a joint venture of The Resource Alliance, The Rockefeller Foundation and EdelGive Foundation. The Awards aim to advance the country’s non-profit sector by promoting financial and organisational sustainability and strengthening community support of civil society.

Instituted in 2006, the India NGO Awards seek to promote good standards and practices in transparency and accountability, resource mobilisation, and sustainability. It recognises and celebrates excellence in the non-profit sector and creates examples and inspiration for other non-profits, thus promoting overall credibility and cross learning.

We believe in engaging with our investees as partners at a strategic and managerial level. We invest in both large well-established organisations as well as small grass-roots organisations. Investments made by us are grouped as:
  • Catalytic grants which are made to create a ripple effect at a systemic level.
  • Scale, but niche grants that tackle niche issues with the belief that the NPO would be able to scale up their operations and create the required larger impact.
  • Deep, community based grants which address the problems of marginalized and vulnerable communities.
In the period of 5 to 7 years, we have developed a robust framework to help make strategic investment choices that reflect upon our vision to create large scale social impact.
  • We proactively identify organizations engaged in ground breaking work within our focus areas by combining a research based approach along with local networks.
  • The identified organizations are screened bearing in mind specified parameters to help provide a holistic view of their work.
  • Post screening, organizations are evaluated on the basis of field visit along with a thorough financial due diligence to help understand the long term sustainability of the organization.
  • We then prepare a comprehensive investment proposal for our Investment committee on behalf of those organizations that pass our screening tests.
  • Post investment, we constantly measure the impact of our investment keeping lines of communication open between us and our investees.
Co-Funding Model:
We actively seek to form effective partnerships with like minded investors and philanthropists to support nonprofits in India. The resultant collaborative investment helps promotes transparency and accountability in the social sector.

  • We partner with both Indian and International organizations on a co-investment basis, thereby leveraging capital and expertise to generate high social returns through a zero cost platform.
  • We also leverage funds through events like Palette wherein the proceeds from art sales are donated to EdelGive. This helps promote our visibility among the philanthropic community.
  • Additionally, we act as consultants to provide foundations with philanthropic advice so as to give way to their desire to invest in good NPOs.
Capacity Building Model:
We work closely with organisations to help them build capabilities by:
  • Leveraging our ongoing and active engagement in strategy building, financial and operations development with detailed workshops and the mentoring of Founders.
  • Using technology to assess and improve accounting, reporting and Human Resource systems and investing a significant amount of time and effort in measuring program outcomes and efficacy of program delivery.
  • Partnering with other funders to augment long-term sustainability, providing Non-Profits with direction on fund-raising strategies, financial planning and counseling.
  • Advising Non-Profits on second line leadership development including the evaluation of their Human Resource strategies.
Employee Engagement Program:
Since our inception, we have always encouraged employees to contribute their skills and time to the social sector through our volunteering programmes. These programmes, that are specifically designed keeping in mind employee time and other limitations facilitate immense onsite exposure and a high level of personal satisfaction stemming from interaction with the beneficiaries.
  • Direct Programme Volunteering: Under this volunteers play a direct role in building the capacity of a beneficiary through the execution of programmes that utilize their skill sets.
  • Field Visits: Our field visits provide our volunteers with an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and garner a better understanding of the world around them.
  • Financial Contributions: This option is most utilized by those employees who are unable to schedule time away from their work but would still like to contribute in some way. Funds are raised through:
    • Systematic Donation Plan (SDP), a payroll giving system accessible to every employee of the organization and,
    • The Annual Mumbai Marathon where employees are encouraged to run for a cause raise funds for the NGOs they supporting
  • Capacity Building: Beyond financial support, NGOs require expertise and advise on certain operational area which are critical for achieving overall effectiveness. Edelgive identifies the need for such support and works to suitably fulfill the same by leveraging the proficiencies of Edelweiss employees.
  • Edelmentor: EdelMentor is a mentorship initiative by the foundation which was extended to and customised for the senior members of the Edelweiss family. The investees that required expert guidance in any of the activities were identified and the necessary skills were matched with a member from Edelweiss. This merged the pro-bono effort and the needs, resulting into an efficient relationship


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