The Fountainhead Leadership Center at Alibaug is a world-class training hub with state-of-the-art infrastructure where the best minds come together to share, exchange and bequeath knowledge.
In classical terms, a fountainhead is the point of origin of a stream - the spot from where brooks begin to flow and birds flutter off on a journey. The Fountainhead Leadership Center is an Edelweiss knowledge initiative that is symbolic of this metaphor.

It is essential that each individual finds a leader within. Fountainhead Leadership Centre aims at just that. It serves as a center for knowledge and experiential development of the individual and is an initiative to work towards human and organizational progress through inspiration and bonding.

Fountainhead is built on the philosophy of “Learn Inside, Think Outside” and incorporates this philosophy by uniquely combining the tranquility of nature with modern amenities and infrastructure. Easily accessible from Mumbai, the Fountainhead Leadership Center provides the perfect ambience for corporate training workshops, team off-sites and conferences.

With a variety of lodging and learning spaces including five conference rooms with a 300-person capacity open-air amphitheatre, Fountainhead boasts top-notch residential and recreational facilities.

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