With the plethora of financial offerings available today, business partners are becoming critical channels, in building the right connects between retail investors and financial investment products.

With over 18,000+ satisfied Business Partners, EdelweissPartners is a leading platform for financial product distributors across the country and is built on the strong brand values and driving principles of Edelweiss. The company offers a wide range of products under one platform, to its partners and associate companies.


Our distribution business, led by business partners, offers a comprehensive range of products such as Mutual Funds, Equity IPOs, NCDs, Loans & Mortgages, Corporate FDs, Capital Gain Bonds, Business & Unsecured Loans.

We help our business partners achieve their business goals, by providing the right tools needed to build effective and dynamic businesses. Committed to building value, we offer comprehensive sales, execution and reporting services, to our partners so as to help them effectively run their businesses and support clients.

Our platform, provides robust execution and back-office support, to our business partners, who free of operational hassles, are able to invest more in meeting their clients’ needs.

With an incisive online platform, real-time tracking of investments and the convenience of an EdelweissPartners Mobile App, our business partners are able to offer customized service as well seamless investment and Portfolio tracking, through our mobile app, FinWorld, for their clients. Besides, providing an online interface, we also provide support across 18 locations in India, to equip our business partners effectively, in order to seamlessly service client needs.

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