Chairman's letter

Chairman's Letter 2019

"It was an Important year as we used the disruption to further strengthen and stabilise the organisation, true to our internal motto – ‘Never waste a good crisis!"

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Rashesh Shah Chairman & CEO
Chairman's Letter 2018

"Over the last 20 years, we have scaled up our businesses substantially and we today occupy a sizable position in the Indian financial services market."

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Rashesh Shah Chairman & CEO
Chairman's Letter 2017

"We will continue to move forward in our aim to create a quality organisation defined by its excellence in risk management and obsession towards customer experience."

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Rashesh Shah Chairman & CEO
Chairman's Letter 2016

"It is a long-winding road and the challenges are many but we will continue to justify the faith you have reposed in us by consistently exceeding expectations."

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Rashesh Shah Chairman & CEO
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Our Journey so far

Our journey over the past 2 decades can be encapsulated in 5 phases, each vastly distinctive from the other. The outcome of each of these phases has been challenging and highly rewarding.

Phase 1

Birth Pangs

1996 - 2000

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Phase 2

Baby Steps

2000 - 2004

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Phase 3

Joyful Hypergrowth

2004 - 2008

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Phase 4

Painful Consolidation

2008 - 2012

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Phase 5

Mature and Balanced Growth

2012 - 2016

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Phase 6

Gaining Scale

2016 - 2020

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Mr Rashesh Shah interactions with CNBC – 30th... Mr Rashesh Shah’s views on recent government measures
CNBC Interview January 24th 2019 Rashesh Shah speaking about results - CNBC
CNBC Interview October 15th 2018 Rashesh Shah interview CNBC TV – October 15th 2018
Investor Day 2018 Opening remarks by Rashesh Shah

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Investor services

For queries relating to annual reports, dividend, dematerialization-rematerialisation and transfer of equity shares please write to:

B. Renganathan EVP & Company Secretary