At Edelweiss, we endeavour provide end-to-end credit solutions - Credit and Service – to diverse participants in the agri value chain.

Agri finance

Our in-depth knowledge of the agri-commodities ecosystem and business cycle, coupled with flexibility in collateral, need based solutions and speedy disbursals, enables us to offer a competitive value proposition across -

  • Procurement coupled with funding: ensuring better quality and price of commodity, increased transparency and efficiency.
  • Funding to agri commodities: for storage of agri produce against warehouse receipts to help meet immediate cashflow requirements and achieve better price realisation of agri produce.
  • Working capital financing: customised in accordance to commodity business cycles and enabling efficacy in the agro processing value chain.
  • Structured Finance: to meet differentiated financing needs, against mix of collaterals such as real estate, commodities and other financial assets.
  • Export & Import Financing: enabling better risk management, improved and timely credit, faster turnover and flexibility, for importers and exporters.