Agricultural Credit plays an extremely critical role in the development of the sector in the country, which often suffers from lack of timely access to institutional finance via agri loans.

Agri finance

At Edelweiss, our endeavor is to plug this gap and provide end-to-end solutions - Credit and Service, to various participants in the agri value chain ranging from farmers, aggregators, traders, processors, importers and exporters. Our in-depth knowledge of the agri-commodities business cycle and the flexibility in collateral, coupled with our speedy disbursals, enables us to offer our clients a competitive value proposition

  • procurement coupled with funding: This
    ensures better price of the produce to farmers
    as well as  brings greater transparency and
    efficiency to the process. Resultant benefit to
    clients is that they get the commodities
    at a better price.
  • Funding for storage of agri produce against
    warehouse receipt:
     We fund farmers,
    aggregators and processors among others, to
    stock their produce, helping them get
    better price realisation.
  • Working capital finance: We provide customised financing in accordance to the business cycle of each commodity, enabling effective processing of the agri-produce.
  • Structured Finance: We enable clients meet their different needs through finance against collaterals such as real estate,commodities and other financial assets.
  • Export Import Financing to exporters and importers: We help in better risk management,improved credit terms and faster turnover.

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