At Edelweiss, we believe in being the wind beneath the wings of entrepreneurial dreams. We understand the importance of timely financing in the success of a business, and enable business owners as well as Small and Micro Enterprises, to maximise prevalent business opportunities.

SME & business loan

India’s MSME sector is made up of millions of enterprises. Not only is this poised as the growth engine of the country’s economy, but it also provides large-scale employment in rural and urban areas. This stance is further strengthened by the Government’s various financial inclusion schemes with additional benefit for GST-registered MSMEs

The demand for Credit in MSME sector is huge. Credit is needed for running daily business operations of the MSMEs as also for business expansion purpose. However, the MSME sector still faces a wide credit gap, primarily due to the lack of awareness amongst MSMEs about loan opportunities and credit eligibility

Our Vision is to be trusted financial partner for MSMEs. We help out the MSMEs with required credit needed for bridging working capital gap as also for business expansion. We cater to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with Udhyam Registration Certificate and GST Registration Number (if applicable)

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