It takes just a spark of an idea to create something new. But it takes the strength of your values to guard what you have created. The Edelweiss Brand personifies this commitment.


Brand Identity

At Edelweiss, there is a strong belief in the possibilities of ideas and the power of values to protect them. This starts with the name Edelweiss (pronounced “AID - EL - WISE”), a name shared with a rare white alpine flower that best represents this tenet. Just as the flower’s deep 'felt-like' covering protects it from the harsh environment that it grows in, Edelweiss’s logo symbol  graphically depicts the flower as the creator of ideas, encircled by the protective letter 'e' symbolizing the values and ideals that govern organisational actions.

Brand Proposition

Our insights on consumer behaviour were the foundation stones for building the Edelweiss brand proposition - We Understand Your Needs.

Brand Attributes

Our customers associate the Edelweiss brand with attributes like expert, progressive, professional, intelligent, thought leader, international and futuristic.

BeUnlimited Philosophy

The central thought behind Edelweiss Group’s value proposition of BeUnlimited is one that empowers its customers to access a world of unlimited opportunities. BeUnlimited is more than a positioning statement. It is a philosophy, a promise embedded at the very core of what we do and how we do it. BeUnlimited is going beyond incremental gains and incremental effort but is more an aspiration towards surmounting one’s limitations and reaching for the stars. It is going beyond limitations of time, gender, finances or geography. Edelweiss as a brand is resonant with being an ‘Enabler’ and as an Enabler, Edelweiss powers the consumer’s self-belief to not view financial products and services as a solution for problems but as a launchpad for ambitions. We view customer experience as not transactional or rational but as inspirational and imaginative. Our value ethos is inspired by BeUnlimited, evident in the active support that we have extended to sports as a cause and partnering with Indian Olympians. We enable our customers to overcome their challenges and limitations be it financial or the right advice or paucity of time and provide a suite of products, services and customer experience customised to their needs.

Commitment to Sports

Edelweiss continues to be a sports evangelist. In 2018, Edelweiss Group deepened and strengthened its endeavour towards building a sporting nation. The Group has inked a long-term partnership with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) towards sponsorship of the Indian contingent for all games including Commonwealth Games 2018, Asian Games 2018, the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and the National Games 2019 and 2020.

Edelweiss strengthened its roster of women Olympic champions by signing on Hima Das (sprinter), Manika Batra (table tennis), Mirabai Chanu (weightlifting) and Heena Siddhu (shooting) to the earlier signed Dipa Karmakar (Gymnast) and Rani Rampal (Hockey). The Group also felicitated their achievements at the Asian Games by providing each of the champions with a life insurance cover from Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance, health insurance cover from Edelweiss General Insurance and wealth management corpus from Edelweiss Broking. This is in line with our ethos of BeUnlimited and we believe their journey and success will serve as inspiration for women across the country and for the next generation of Indian athletes.