Over the last 25 years, our 13 Guiding Principles have been the principal authority that govern us and they continue to drive us in the direction of creating value for all our stakeholders. They are a blend of our ideals, culture and business ethics that ensure that the company takes the right path, for the right reasons, without compromising on the long-term vision.

Guiding Principles

We are a Thinking Organization. We constantly bring thought to everything we do. Our clients' and our own success depends on our ability to use greater ideation and more imagination in our approach.

We are Fair to our clients, our employees and all stake-holders.

We operate as a Partnership, internally and externally. Though individuals are very often brilliant, we believe teamwork and collaboration always ensures a better and more balanced organisation. We also treat our clients as partners and show them the same respect and consideration that we would towards our internal team members.

We focus on the Long-Term. Though the world will change a lot in the coming years and our assumptions for the future may not hold up, we reflect on the long-term implications of our actions. Even when making short-term decisions we are aware of the long-term implications.

We focus on Growth for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Our Reputation and Image is more important than any financial reward. Reputation is hard to build and even harder to rebuild. It is impacted by our ability to think for our clients, maintain confidentiality and by our adherence to our value system.

We Obey and Comply with the rules of the land. We maintain the highest standard of integrity and honesty. When we are unclear we seek clarifications.

We take care of our People. Our policies - in spirit and in letter - ensure transparency and equal opportunity for all. We go beyond the normal goals of attracting, recruiting, retaining and rewarding fine talent. We ensure that every individual in Edelweiss has an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

We Respect Risk. Our business is going to be a constant challenge of balancing risk and reward. Our ability to constantly keep one eye on risk will guide us through this fine balance.

Our Financial Capital is a critical resource for growth.  We endeavour to grow, protect and use our financial capital wisely.

Our Customer Experience defines us.We strive to make it outstanding at all times.

We Listen and Fulfil the customer’s needs. Listening is the start of the relationship wherein we understand their needs and fulfil these with the most appropriate products and solutions.

We satisfy the needs of all stakeholders; shareholders who entrust us with their capital, employees who create the organisation, customers who are the reason we exist and society which gives us the resources and opportunity to create value.