A resilient economy backed by a strong regulatory environment makes India one of the top investment destinations in the world today.

Among India’s leading domestic institutional brokerage houses and having one of the largest research teams, we are the preferred partner to over 1000 global and domestic institutional investors looking to invest in the India story.

institutional equities

Our well regarded, award winning research team provides:

  • Perspective and fundamental research on economic issues, emerging themes and strategic analysis
    issues, emerging themes and strategic analysis
  • Keen insights into more than 250+ stocks representing over 75% of market capitalization
  • Alternative and quantitative research

Our Sales Team combines senior-level expertise with keen focus on client needs, to provide innovative customized solutions.

Our Trading Desk offers multiple platforms that enable seamless execution of complex trades, across the entire gamut of trading strategies.

Our Alternative Investments and Derivative Desk (ADD)offers differentiated research and execution services, on various listed derivatives products.

Our specialised quantitative research desk helps combine capital market intelligence, structured derivative products and economic / corporate developments, to create insightful data points leading to investment and arbitrage opportunities.

Our suite of proprietary exchange approved algorithms is tailored to suit Indian markets.

Given the depth of our client base and the support of our industry networks, we can provide liquidity, industry leading insights and analytics and value add across the spectrum of equity markets.

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Our 50-member team comprising fundamental & quantitative analysts as well as economists cover over 250+ stocks representing over 75% of market capitalization, in India.

We also cover capital markets extensively, examining industry dynamics and emerging trends to identify and trace, exciting private companies across varied sectors offering immense early-stage.

Our research approach aims at:

  • Building perspectives based on ‘connecting-the-dots’ to identify emerging economy-wide themes
  • Analysing macro-economic themes, taking into account global and Indian factors and policy changes, to arrive at macro-strategic hypotheses about the potential impact on various sectors. This helps us generate latest updates and revisions and often spotlights emerging sectors or aspirants possessing high potential growth
  • Distilling these hypotheses to understand and predict, the impact on specific stocks within these sectors
  • Using quantitative and qualitative screening mechanisms to identify under-valued, high performing companies from emerging sectors, that operate in areas where India has a clear edge over the rest of the world

To know more, visit: www.edelweissresearch.com

Our Alternative and Quantitative Research generates innovative, quantitatively originated ideas, backed by detailed fundamental understanding of the environment.

We create customised products and screens specific to clients’ investment styles:

  • Screens for deep-value, growth, momentum and income, turnaround investing styles
  • System-based trading models for clients derived from rigorous back-testing.

We also generate a host of alternative investment strategies that cover the entire spectrum of opportunities:

  • Event-driven Investing: Special situation opportunities, open offers and buybacks, index re-balancing
  • Quant Investing: Edelweiss style analysis, Edelweiss portfolio optimizer, factor analysis
  • Fundamentals: Edelweiss fund insights, Insider trades, corporate action tracker
  • Options/Technical Trading: Pairs trading, technical reports, volatility trading, option trading

To know more, visit: www.edelweissresearch.com