Investor relations


Our Investor Relations programme, as with everything we do at Edelweiss, is steered by our Guiding Principles – to be open, transparent and accountable. It is the key to building long term relationships with our stakeholders. We do this by adopting the best-in-class practices.

Our aim is to provide investors, analysts and other stakeholders a complete and accurate picture of the company’s performance – both past and present – while providing a window to the management’s thinking about the future and the strategies it aims to pursue to profit from emerging opportunities thereby enabling them to understand and appreciate our business model and long-term strategy. This is done through regular quarterly conference calls with our investors and analysts as well digitally distributing investor presentations and other useful information after declaration of each quarterly financial result.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback on our Investor Relations effort. Please send feedback or suggestions to ir@edelweissfin.com.

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